Employee Connection Login is one of the features that the company offers its employees. Anyone who has worked at Macy’s can log into their account to access employment information and more to make their job easier.

Employee Connection

Once logged in, the user can view their daily work schedule, request benefits, request vacation, and more. Read on to find out how to sign up for the account. Once you know the steps to log in, it is easy to access your account.

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One of the options that the Macy’s department store chain offers its customers is the employee login. After logging into Macy’s, you can log into your employee account through the Employee Connection login page.

The Macy’s Employee Connection login portal is open to current and former employees. Anyone who has worked for the company can log into their account here. Read on to find out how to sign up for the account.

Employee Connection Registration Process

  • Open your browser and navigate to EmployeeConnection. Wait for the page to load.
  • Select your country from the options. Also, choose your preferred language.
  • When you access the website from your PC, you should notice a Save button in the upper right corner of the web page.
  • Enter your Macy’s Insite Employee ID followed by your date of birth (date of birth) and the date you were hired.
  • If you don’t remember your hire date, talk to your manager.

Patiently clear your cache when you log in. You have to do this to prove that you are human.

After you have correctly entered all the required information, click the “Submit” button, and voila! It has been successfully registered.

Employee Connection-Login

Employee Connection Login Process

  • To access My Insite, employees must first go to the official Employee Connection portal and then visit the login page.
  • On the Macy’s Insite login page, employees must enter their username and password in the “8-digit employee ID” and “Network password” fields.
  • Employees can access the “My Website” page by clicking the large “LOG IN” button in the “User ID” and “Password” fields.
  • For Macy’s or Bloomingdale employees who have forgotten their passwords, simply click the Forget / Unlock / Change link.
  • By clicking on the link, employees are taken to a new page.
  • You must enter your “Employee ID” and your “Last 4-digit Social Security Number” here.
  • Once this is done, you must click on the “Next” button.

Your Login process is complete and you are on the home page of the Macys employee web portal. Macy’s Insite has all the benefits mentioned earlier in this article. Later in this article, we’ll explain how to troubleshoot issues that limit your access.

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