Hello people. Can’t access your EmployeeConnection? Some of you may be confused about this simple employee registration process or have other login issues. It’s normal to have these little worries because mistakes sometimes happen. This article applies to the two largest stores in the United States. Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s has a wide variety of employees. EmployeeConnection Login is a website through which you can manage all the employees of both companies. Registering at has many benefits.

Employee Connection

EmployeeConnection is also a place where companies constantly provide updates. In this way, you will receive information and news about the company.

In addition, the EmployeeConnection login portal helps employees solve any problems related to their services, as well as the payments they need to receive. And that makes the login portal one of the best portals to try. Today we are going to talk about how to access it and how to use it correctly.

Perks of EmployeeConnection

Some of the services offer to its employees are listed below.

  • You can take advantage of the health benefits of the Macy’s Inc. health and wellness program (see the My benefits after registration section for more information).
  • A scholarship program sponsored by Macy’s Inc. employees or children of full or part-time Macy’s Inc. employees (click here to apply for the scholarship).
  • This scholarship is based on various factors such as academic performance, test results, etc., as well as the recommendations of the applicant’s university.

Employee Connection-Store

  • Member Discount Events are a series of college discount events promoted by Macy’s Inc. and Bloomingdale’s Associate for their respective employees who receive an additional discount on purchases made at their respective stores.
  • Macy’s Inc and Bloomingdale’s offer CollegeBound 529 plans to their respective employees.
  • Matching Gifts is a program that allows Macy’s Inc. board members, colleagues, and retirees to make a donation.